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You can probably look back and count the many times you've been locked out of your home or your vehicle. Having a spare can help that situation seem less stressful.

Get a second or third copy of your key from us, store one in a safe place a friend or relative can easily access for you, and keep a spare on you. You'll never be stranded again!

Not having a key - either because you are locked out, you lost it or somebody else has it - can be enough to ruin a day, especially when you're in a hurry. Getting a duplicate and keeping it in a secure, accessible place avoids frustration and embarrassment.

We know keys and locks. Call us today!

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Don't get shut out of your own car or home -

Get duplicate keys today

You'll always be able to count on every member of our team during any visit. From helping you get the keys you need, to getting you set up with a secure lock, you'll always be able to depend on our superior service. Call or stop by today.

Friendly and professional team


 •  New keys and duplicates made

 •  Licensed and bonded company

 •  Keys cut by code

 •  High quality brand name products

 •  Commercial lock services

 •  Residential lock services

All your key and lock services covered